Russland: Improvement of relations between Catholic and Orthodox Church

Head of the Catholic Archdiocese in Moscow Metropolitan Paolo Pezzi confessed he feels himself Russian and said that relations between the Russian Catholics and the Russian Orthodox Church "are getting better and better." "It is not for showing off, it is natural closing up in the joint witness to love in Christ. I think it is the most natural and right way. We are friends with representatives of other confessions and religious teachings. This dialogue is absolutely necessary to build a society with correct identity, society of people who understand each other and don't see enemies in each other," he said in his interview with Noviy Kaliningrad paper.

Pezzi was born in Italy, but he lives in Russia for a long time, and he became a Russian citizen six years ago. "I remain an Italian, naturally, I can't deny it. But I feel myself Russian. I am thankful for this recognition, for giving me citizenship," he said answering the correspondent's question.

During the conversation Pezzi said that he stood for preserving principles of a secular state in Russia. "All states should be secular. We have seen in history that a religious state can inflict harm to religion and to citizens. Religion should never become something compulsory, state. People should choose it freely for themselves. I think this principle should remain forever," he said. (, 12. Oktober 2017)