Ukraine: UGCC condemns attack on Roma camps

The official statement of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church (UGCC) on the pogroms of the Roma camps was released on June 25 by the UGCC Information Department. “On behalf of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church we strongly condemn such acts. This kind of actions, no matter by whom they were committed and no matter under which slogans these criminals hide, are not worthy of the European people, they discredit the independent Ukrainian state, and thus it is a matter that benefits the enemies of Ukraine.

Every inhabitant of our country, regardless of his national, ethnic, religious affiliation, should feel themselves worthy and full-fledged citizens of their state, and the state authorities must protect their rights and freedoms, first of all the right to life, health and free development,” goes the statement.

The UGCC urges the state authorities to carry out transparent and impartial investigatory activities in order to identify the names of criminals who should be punished under current legislation. And Ukrainian citizens should strongly oppose this type of behavior, which has nothing in common with the Christian, nor with universal rules and norms. (Quelle:, 25. Juni 2018)