Ungarn: Communities of Hope

Professionals warn of a long-lasting ecological crisis. Pollution and climate change are facts, and the solution is being shown by small communities, including congregations, through their prophetic lifestyle and impact in the world. This topic, among many others, was discussed at the Eco-Congregation Conference on January 5th at the RCH Synod Hall in Budapest. The first lecture of 2019 was from the book of Jeremiah, on critical times. According to the first seven verses of the 29th chapter, the Jews, carried to exile, must prepare for a long stay in captivity. The prophet, however, calls on them to continue their lives – to build houses, to plant gardens and eat what they produce, to marry and have children, and not decrease there. The three commands focus on the protection, sustainability, and cultivation of the environment. Living conditions and family life must be in harmony with these values.

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